Monday, March 21, 2016

Abortion right or wrong?

      what is abortion? its when a woman who's pregnant terminates the pregnancy.

      Do I believe in abortion no, i feel if you are responsible enough to have sex you should be responsible enough to take care of a baby! and if you're not financially stable enough to do so there is another option such as adoption. There is many people/ couples that cannot have baby's and would do anything to have one. I don't feel it in any way our decisions to take away a human life..

In many states abortion is illegal. But legal in some cases such as rape/incest. I understand in a case where rape is involved its a different circumstance. I believe that abortion should be available for that reason only. i do feel that our abortion rate of 44,000 per year is very extreme I don't believe we should just be able to dispose of that many human lives. there needs to be some sort or regulations put in place.

since ancient times abortion has been done using herbal medicine, sharp tools, with force. From 2003-2008 abortion rates stayed relatively the same, where as prior years abortion decreased. (

They have two types of abortion, such as a pill (medicine) and a surgical option for removal.  abortion is a very back and forth topic and its kind of a touchy topic because people have many different views on it. I truly dont feel that it should ever be a number 1 option i believe that should be the oh most very last thing that if absolutely nothing else is available  and even then i would not partake in an abortion in anyway or form!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

poverty/ incarceration

The U.S has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, but our mass incarceration rate did not result from an increase in crime trends. 730 prisoners for every 100,000 citizens for a total of 2.2 million prisoners. More then 60% of those in prison come from African American/ Latino communities. People who enter the criminal justice system are overwhelmingly poor. 2/3s detained in jails report incomes under 12,000. Incarceration contributes to poverty by creating employment barriers, reducing earnings making access to public benefits difficult or impossible.
   I feel that poverty is a huge reason for incarceration. Prisons/jails provide all the necessities to live a basic life that some of those people have never had before. Three meals a day, access to TV, showers etc. i feel that incarcerating people have just been more towards to lock them up and keep them away. but you feed a stray dog once and they come back. we should be more focused on other priories than making incarceration suitable and pay money for prisoners. they should be paying to go to jail/ prison. so many people abuse the system in that way! i understand going to jail/ prison leaves you with a record. making it hard for you to get jobs or be successful. and with that 60 % of people remain unemployed. But in this world we have other ways people can live. Most of the times those ways lead you back into incarceration. i just feel that we need to start making prison/jail less of a lee way and more difficult. make it so they dont want to go back. make it difficult.


Prison Minnesota

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 EBT definition:
 Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magnetically encoded payment card, used in the United States and the United Kingdom. (

I feel that EBT in Minnesota is very very very abused. i know that there are people who are more then capable to get jobs or work and be successful. That are just to lazy to do so, yes i understand EBT is for people that work and cant afford everything on their own. I feel EBT should be more monitored to control that factor. 

I dont understand how they are giving "cash" options for EBT. I feel if your working and trying your best you shouldn't need an extra hundreds of dollars in "cash" that they do whatever they please with, I have seen the system used and abused. and its sickening. Are these people being drug tested? No. All they are required to do is fill out a form/ document. I mean for gods sake that get cash and food money to spend realistically how they want, I feel it needs to be more strict. focus on their kids and houses and well being. I feel that to many people are using their EBT money foolishly. Buying drugs, Cigarettes I feel that money should be spend entirely on necessities. 

EBT food/ "cash" Is deposited monthly! and is based off their incomes, family's, and living situations. the government takes all aspects and determines an appropriate wage that the receive on a monthly basis.

I truly feel that the system need to reevaluate who they are providing EBT to and i feel that drug screenings need to be put in place. because way way way to many people are abusing that money and its sad, because they have everything and their kids do not even have the basics.